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Wireless Barn Camera Systems Overview

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Wireless Camera Basics

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About the System

Riverwind Supply began selling barn camera systems specifically designed for use in barn stalls in 1997.  Our barn cameras have evolved into effective yet cost efficient systems for ours and our customers livestock operations.  Yes, our wireless cameras came to be because we, like you, hated those late night walks to the barn only to find a missed birth or worse (a little bio about us if you're interested).  Our Wireless Barn Cameras are built on the remote transmitter concept.  Rather than building a transmitter into a camera, we use a transmitter which connects to our weatherproof camera either directly or with 50 feet of included cable.  This allows the barn owner to place the transmitter in outside to avoid the sheet metal barn walls, a problem for wireless transmitters.  It gives the wood barn owner extra distance and allows for easy upgrade if you choose to add additional cameras. Not having the transmitter built into the camera means multiple cameras can be viewed through the single transmitter and receiver set.  Why pay extra for transmitters you don't need and receivers to clutter up the TV.  Our Multiple Camera page will explain in more detail should you wish to start with multiple cameras or add them later. We do recommend reading this overview page to fully explain the wireless camera system..

Our wireless barn cameras ship completely weatherproof.  Ready to operate out of the box, they take no expertise to install.  All connection plugs are color coded so there's no guessing to which wire plugs to which.  Install in minutes and monitor on your TV. 
Add a DVR and view it on your computer, smartphone or tablet, at home or away.

About the Transmitter / Receiver (distances)

Our 2.4 Ghz transmitters have two signal strength ratings. 1000 feet line of sight (standard) and 2000 feet plus (High Power, actual line of sight rating 15 miles).  Our transmitters achieve these distances because we use matched law enforcement grade units in our systems, not novelty toys. You do not need an open line of sight.  The transmitter will penetrate objects in it's path.  Simply, the more it has to go through, the less distance you will achieve.  For more information check out our wireless information page. We recommend keeping distances under 500 feet (Standard) and 2000 to 3000 feet (High Power).  In short, if you can shoot the barn with a rifle and not hit a forest or earth, you're probably ok.  If you're not comfortable with your distance needs, give us a call and we'll evaluate your distance setup. If you're unsure of your distance, we recommend visiting and downloading Google earth. The program is free and contains a button on the toolbar which will allow you to measure from your house to your barn off of the satellite image. It is very accurate.

In October 2013, Riverwind switched over to a Digital 2.4 Ghz transmitter/receiver system.  This avoids all interference commonly associated with the analog 2.4 system.  In doing so we achieved greater distance and added the convenience of a weatherproof much sturdier receiver.  The digital signal did cause us to give up a little crispness previously associated with a wired or analog system, but for barn specific purposes we felt the switch was worth it.  You'll still have a clear image of what's going on and will not be plagued with the rolling screen many found due to all the other 2.4 appliances sharing the bandwidth.

calving pen
Captured from customer's smartphone video feed.
heifer in pen
Captured from customer's smartphone video feed.
For many more customer use photo's and reviews.  Visit Riverwind's Facebook page with this link. You do not have to be a member to see the images, videos or reviews.

About The Camera

In July of 2016, we have reduced our prices and now stock only Color Infrared Cameras.  Supply and demand has caused the old black and white cameras to actually cost more and yet provide less.  Our 3.6 mm cameras provide a 90 degree field of view and switch between Color, Black and White and Infrared Black and White when needed.  All cameras are weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.  Additionally, we now ship all cameras capable of HD video.  This HD feature is presently of little use to the wireless user, but in the future as HD wireless becomes available and affordable, your investment will continue to function.  We're able to do this due to because of volume buying and in house modifications that allow us to pair the best cameras with the best wireless equipment available.

Power and Cable

The system ships standard with 50 feet of cable (camera inside to transmitter outside).  This may be increased up to 100 feet for $10.  Additional lengths can be achieved, give us a call.  The 12 volt DC system is operated off two small AC adapters into a normal 110 outlet (similar to cell phone charger).  The power may be provided on the camera end of the 50 foot cable or the transmitter end, you do not need electric on both ends.. The directions indicate how to change to power location if needed.

Key Benefits

  • Completely color coded connections and easy directions for quick setup.

  • Transmitter may be positioned to avoid barriers.

  • Weatherproof camera available for other uses (barn lot in the summer or security)

  • Additional cameras can be added. You only pay the difference.  A piece at a time is the same price as all at once aside from shipping cost.

  • Add a DVR (now or later) and upload to your smartphone and computers.

  • Weatherproof transmitter and receiver (should you need to place the receiver outside)

  • Safe 12 Volt operating system (AC adapters included)

  • Satisfaction money back guarantee.

Click here for a video comparison of Digital Wireless compared to hard wired on the same camera.


barn camera
Weatherproof Wide Angle Cameras
barn camera transmitter
Weatherproof Transmitter
In Home Receiver
barn camera monitor
Know when you're needed


barn cam

Single Camera System Prices

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Wireless Barn Camera System

foaling cameras Includes
  • 1000 feet line of sight rated transmitter
  • Weatherproof Low Light Color Infrared Camera
  • 50' cable camera to transmitter(can be increased)
  • Weatherproof 2.4 Ghz in home receiver
  • Connection cable and all power supplies
The effective working range of this system is 400 to 500 feet for indoor placement of receiver, 1000 feet for exterior placement of receiver with.

Video Only $429


Video and Audio $509


Upgrade to Extended Range Wireless

Increase your system to a 9dbi transmitter and receiver.  This will provide effective video out to 2000 feet line of sight.  Further distances are possible, if this is the case, give us a to discuss your distance needs.


 Extended Range 9dbi Upgrade $100


Cable Upgrades (camera to transmitter location at barn)


Increase cable to 100 feet (camera to transmitter)



Increase cable beyond 100 feet


Monitor on your Smart-Phone or Computer

Add a Max-Plex DVR for uploading to your smart phone or computer
DVR's must be connected to your router, they will not operate across Wi-Fi.  Some Satellite internet providers block a process called port forwarding.  Your service must allow this.  The DVR needs a public IP address.  Some small point to point networks provide a private IP address, check with them to be sure.  Usually phone company and cable providers are fine.  We will remotely assist you in setting up the DVR, but we/you must have access to your router's admin functions, If your router is owned by the utility, check with them to be sure they do not restrict access (very rare).  The DVR will not work with an aircard or hotspot.  They will work with 4G routers although some providers will charge you a high setup fee as they need a static address.  Static address are not required for normal routers as the DVR has a ddns feature within it.  If in doubt, call.  See the Phone and Computer page for detailed specs on the DVR. Adding this DVR to the wireless system would constitute option 2 on the Computer Monitoring Internet Viewing page.  If in doubt, please call.

DVR No HD live view only $234



 Max Plex DVR with 1 TB HD live viewing and recording $319







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