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Wireless Barn Camera 1000 - 3000 feet line of sight
rom $429

Multiple Wireless Barn Cameras 1000 to 3000 feet line of sight
from $745

Wireless High Definition Network Camera Systems (phone ready) 3 miles line of sight, 1 to 8 cameras,
from $668


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  • Our traditional wireless barn camera setup has proven effective for 19 years.  It provides video straight to your television.  You have the option of starting with or upgrading to multiple cameras and can at any time add on options like Smart-phone and computer viewing

  • Our NEW wireless network barn cameras utilize a powerful 3 mile line of sight wireless pair of transmitters to connect your barn cameras directly to your router providing high definition video on phones, tablets and computers.  This systems comes internet ready and allows you to easily choose individual cameras or monitor all on one screen.  This system can be upgraded to record video.

Riverwind Supply is the original wireless barn camera company.  Since 1997, we've put together the best in law enforcement technology to provide the livestock community an effective solution to walking to the barn.  Riverwind has thousands of wireless barn cameras in use across the US and Canada, we have one that will work for you.  Where 19 years ago foaling cameras were the bulk of our customers.  Now our barn cameras are used as calving cameras, lambing cameras, in farrowing houses and more.  We have 40,000 plus barn cameras in use across the US and Canada.  Save money with a system designed to do what you need: work, keep working, and save livestock.

Riverwind Supply is owned by David Fickenscher of Alexandria, Kentucky.  A graduate of the FBI National Academy, Dave was a police officer for 28 years serving primarily in Criminal Investigations.  After several years of setting up video surveillance for Federal, State a local drug cases, he opened Riverwind Surveillance Supply.  Initially providing covert video equipment to Law Enforcement and businesses, Wireless Barn Cameras came to be after he matched some quality video equipment to achieve the distance needed for use in his own barn.  Seeing the need along with the desire to step away from the general surveillance industry which was being overrun with junk,  Riverwind began marketing wireless video equipment to the livestock industry in 1997 and by 1998, our business was 100% barn cameras.  Riverwind was the first, and is the oldest barn camera company with tens of thousands of cameras in use across the US and Canada.  Don't trust your hard earned farming dollars to a fly-by night company selling junk.  For the same money, you can have quality video, made to stand up to barn use and provide years of use. 

Sticking to what we know has yielded great success.  Our little company, started the barn camera revolution.  Dave has since retired from police work and dedicates all his efforts to provide customer service unmatched by any other barn camera company.  We started it all and we'll continue to lead the way.

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