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Wireless Barn Camera Systems Price Comparisons

Overview and Fequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple Wireless Cameras


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Let's Compare.

We know most of you do your shopping then come back.  We've broken down us against 2 of our primary competitors (searched keyword: barn cameras). We're not listing their names, it's not good business, if you've done your homework, you'll know who's who.

Riverwind Surveillance Supply was the first to offer wireless camera systems specifically designed to be used as Barn Cameras.  We do not sell bundled transmitter cameras commonly called wood barn cameras by competitors.  We have found they are not worth the money because distances are greatly reduced and the non weatherproof cameras don't hold up to damp dusty barns (we could sell them, we did for a limited time, but we were not pleased so we choose not to).  Over a decade ago, we were the first to design and market systems what competitors call metal barn cameras.  We believe the performance, durability, and longevity  make them the only real choice to be used in barns whether they be wood or metal sided.  We've listed their wood barn prices anyway so you can get an idea how little more a truly effective system will cost. As you will find below, because our prices are so competitive we are able to offer 1000' systems for less than they sell systems providing half the coverage.  Why sell something most people are going to be unhappy with? Remember transmitters are rated on line of sight, not real world working conditions.

Distances listed are line of sight ratings. For a further explanation of how this translates into the real world visit our Wireless Barn Camera page.

Prices gathered from their websites 500' 1000' and long range systems all based on weatherproof camera / transmitter systems.  See bottom for further on long range systems.

  Wood Barn Non-weatherproof all in one bundled systems. 500' rating


1000' rating


Long Range Systems Camera Resolution
Riverwind Surveillance Supply Won't sell, tried but found to be not worth the money nor effective.. Won't sell, actual working range not effective. B/W $399

Color $439

Color IR $469

B/W $699

Color $739

Color IR $769

420 B/W, 480 Color
IR 600 and 700 TVL
Competitor A B/W 1000' $349

Color 1000' $399


B/W $449

Color $499

Color IR $699

B/W $549

Color $599

Color IR $799

B/W $849

Color $899

Color IR $1099


380 Color & B/W
Competitor B B/W 700'  $349 

Color 700' $461


B/W $461 700'

Color $499 700'

Color IR $618

Choices are 700' (left) and 1500' (right) B/W $849

Color $887

Color IR $1006

Does not say

Long Range Systems

Riverwind's long range system uses a 15 mile line of sight FCC part 90 transmitter (the most power allowed for public use). Realistic working conditions are under 3000 feet..

A's website says 1 mile, They do not list a part 90 tx unit on their specs page nor any expected real world ranges for anything.

B's long range system is a short range transmitter (700') with a high gain receiver antenna. They list the distance at 1500'.

Other notes

B's IR camera prices are their standard camera with an optional IR light they sell factored into the price.  Riverwind transmitters and receivers are now digital.  No Interference!  With the others, yesterdays technology.



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