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Multiple Wireless Cameras



barn camera mount

Mount the camera high enough to be out of the animals reach. Corner placement is suggested.

barn camera

The wide angle, weatherproof camera will provide a 90 degree field of view.

camera plug

Connect the camera in the barn to the video / power extension cable. All connections are color coded for easy setup.

wire tie

Run the video / power extension from the camera to the transmitter mounted on the outside of the barn. We include 50' of extension, but this can be easily upgraded to 150 feet if you have a large barn.

transmitter combo

As you did at the camera, connect the color coded ends of the cable to the transmitter. Plug into an AC outlet and you are wireless.

barn camera monitoring

The weatherproof transmitter should be facing your home. The transmitter easly secures to the barn.

barn camera receiver

Connect the included receiver to your TV.   If your distance requires, the receiver is weatherproof and can be mounted outside your home facing the barn.


Connect the included patch cable to the receiver. As in the barn, yellow to yellow, white to white. Plug in the black power supply.


Actual barn camera capture.


Wireless  capute at 500 feet.  Gated area is 25 x 30 feet


Brick homes and setups near the end of the line of sight rating may require window placement.

wireless barn camera

View your barn camera from the comfort of home.

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