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Why Video Your Animals

Video offers a practical way to monitor the barn from the comfort of your home.  This allows you to periodically check for labor signs without disturbing the animal or marching out to the barn. 

When this company was started in 1997, horses were our mainstay.  Today, cattle and sheep make up a majority of our sales.  How may calves (and heifers) or lambs will you have to save in today’s market to justify the cost.  We have spoken to thousands of former customers at some of the major livestock shows over the years, and their message was consistent.  The camera(s) pay for themselves on the first save.

If you’re walking to the barn to check, you’ll check much more often and save many more animals with a barn camera. 

We have always sought out ways to improve our yield.  We pay for the best genetics, vaccines and testing to protect our investment.  A barn camera will increase your odds of getting them on the ground, and provide the convenience of doing it from your bedroom or across town on your phone.



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